Our Specialities

Effective 3D Space Utilization

3D rendering is deployed to ensure optimized usage of intrior spaces based on client’s aesthetic preferences. Advanced planning using 3D minimizes space, time and monetary wastage during time of execution.

3 Phase Analysis

Having a balance electrical load system at your home or office space is critical to minimize chances of accidents and power trips during peak work hours. Our expert engineers scientifically calculate the effective demand factor using modern instrumentation.

Visual Effect By Holograms, Lighting, Reflective Flooring

Interior design is as much about fine design, as an interplay of natural and artificial lighting. Using the latest hologram, reflective wall papers and flooring tiles, along with smart lighting fixtures available in the market, our team of interior designers can transform any ordinary space into an extraordinary experience.

Outfit Finish Using Wood Textures, Paintings & Sculptures

We understand the need for installations and art work to liven up your private space. We have established links with artists in and around the Middle East, and depending on your budget our team of designers carefully matches the wall textures and room theme with works of art that can explain your intended vision without being too loud.

Temperature Control Management

From having comfortable airy interiors, to proper protective structures for cozy outdoors, maintaining a balanced temperature improves productivity, health and mood of a building’s residents. Thermal control is a necessity while residing in the Middle East and our team of expert mechanical engineers ensures that summer or winter, your home and office remain the best place to stay in.

Fire, Safety, Air Stream, Irrigation & Garbage Management Features

Safety is paramount for a stress-free living. All our construction activities adhere to the standards of fire & safety as per country standards. Further, as a frontrunner in clean energy, water and waste management, we deploy advanced technologies for waste processing and water recycling. Thus helping you retain a lifestyle of self-sufficiency.

Power & Luminosity Management

Our lighting engineers do an electrical audit of a building’s energy requirement, for optimal power usage and efficient lighting fixtures. Different sections of a building are lighted up as per their standard requirement based on scientifically derived calculations.

Multiform Audio, Automation, Digital Sound Systems

In the modern age, automation equals entertainment. At Aries International, we build structures keeping the future in mind. Automated doors, gates, windows, mood lighting and automatic temperature systems apart, we also help set up Audio- Visual systems to enhance your in-house entertainment experience.

Wireless & Drop Down Media Compatibility

Today communication has moved from the wired age to wire-free age. Internal communications, network connectivity and IT network solutions are necessary tools for the smooth functioning of any commercial space.

Total Security Solutions

We source safety lockers, fire alarms and intrusion alarms from the best vendors in the world. Our lockdown features keep your property connected 24×7 to the police department and fire personnel. The security products are blended well with the interior design.

Timely Engineering Support

Our service personnel are available round the clock to assist you before, during and after construction. From presentations to finalize your interior designs to material and time management, our engineering support has been rated as among the best in the Middle East.

Cost Effective Designs

Money may be able to buy everything, but often a time there are ways to design stunning interiors by opting for economical alternatives. Our team of designers have experience in working with national and international clients and are updated with the latest trends in sustainable architecture, with an eye on minimalist and affordable experiments.